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  Welcome to RODAMIENTOS B.N.P., S.A. First of all, we want to thank you for your visit to our WEB site.


  RODAMIENTOS B.N.P., S.A. is an enterprise with 50 years of experience in the bearing world. Today, we offer our own expert distribution service, in the distribution of the following product branches:


We distribute all kinds of industrial bearings


    We have in stock the bearing that you looking for. To adapt it better to your own necessities.

  Our technical service will help you to find the most adequate solution, as well as in price as in quality, providing you a precise answer to your problem.

All the orders will be given to the client or the transporter, on the same day.

Great stock of industrial balls


    In our stores, we have a great stock of balls to satisfy your necessities.

All diameters; from 0.79 mm to 120 mm.

In the material which responds to your necessities: CHROME, CARBON, AISI 420, AISI 440, AISI 304, AISI 316, NYLON, POLYAMIDE, GLASS.

Great quantity of stock.
Great stock of Needles and Rollers

Rollers and
    We have great stock of needles and rollers.

  Many sizes available.

We have the Pillow-Block you need


    Each application requires of a specific support. For sure that you'll find it in our stores.


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RODAMIENTOS B.N.P., S.A. is an enterprise with 50 years of experience in the bearing world.

Founded in 1952 in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona), by three associates: Blai Blanch, Josep Navarro and Pau Pàmies. Since its founding RODAMIENTOS B.N.P., S.A. has had as primary activity the manufacture of bearings. For that reason today, a bearing is something more than a simple mechanical piece for us.

RODAMIENTOS B.N.P., S.A. has always known how to adapt to the market necessities. From being a little workshop, our enterprise has expanded to commercializing bearings from several brands and has enlarged its supplies to other related products such as balls (steel, chrome, stainless, Etc.), rollers, needles, pillow-blocks, sleeves, oils,  among many others...

Over the years, RODAMIENTOS B.N.P., S.A. has grown while maintaining  its initial compromise. Today, when the greater part of our costumers come  from any point of the Spanish state as well as from other CEE-countries, we still care to provide the best attentions to our costumers as if it were the first day.  To guarantee the best quality, a small part of our original workshop has been transformed in a laboratory where our imports are  tested and verified before to be commercialized.

We remain dedicated to providing our customers the best quality. This, together with the commitment of our personnel to continuous improvement and innovation, allow us to satisfy your needs in an excelling way.

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